Al-Syed Tahir Alauddin – A Mannequin of Islamic Spiritualism

Islam is a divine motion of peace. The last word goal of Islam is to create an environment of justice and kindness in any respect ranges of life, each particular person in addition to collective. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is prophet of mercy for complete universe. He’s final messenger of Allah. The chain of prophets has accomplished on his creation. He’s prophet for mankind until Day of Judgment. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) left an excellent guide (Al-Quran), a prophetic commentary on Quran (Hadith), a noble household (Ahle Bait), and a bunch of fantastic companions (Sahaba) for the steering of mankind. These are everlasting sources of sunshine for mankind. A dwelling saint or scholar is inevitably linked with these sources of sunshine. The prime motive of saints/students is to finish the prophetic mission, each intellectually in addition to virtually. They work in any respect ranges of human wrestle; journey on all locations of earth, and exists in all moments of time. Earth is all the time adorned with these noble personalities. The steadiness, progress, and growth of Muslims rely, mainly, on their persistent efforts in the direction of propagation / glorification of Islam. They’re linked with one another, immediately or not directly. They arrive and supply steering to humanity and Muslims on all features of human wrestle, at times.


An individual is extremely depending on others in his early part of life, first 20 years. The following 20 years of a person are spent on growth of a completely matured perspective in the direction of numerous and conflicting life affairs. The second part of life, 20 to 40, is crammed with a number of, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional observations / experiences. It’s part of considering and rethinking, lastly, an individual is matured, usually, on the age of 40. A totally matured technology is accountable of all affairs of a nation. Nevertheless, the life affairs are extraordinarily complicated, even a matured particular person is, someday, unable to resolve/deal with the riddles of life. A accountable technology, belongs to any temporal-spatial environ, too, has robust tendency or want or demand for some reverent persona for correct and merciful steering. Consequently, a Divine Mercy is activated and a reverent persona is shipped by God for the steering of mankind, once in a while. A transcendental steering seems in a form of a prophet or a saint. A divine steering offers a whole and complete roadmap in the direction of peace and happiness in any respect features of life, materials in addition to non secular. The reverent personalities are demand of each particular person, followers in addition to leaders or younger in addition to mature. Muslims comply with the footprints of the life patterns of reverent personalities. Consequently, a even handed and merciful civilization is formed. Muslim civilization is mainly end result of righteous and noble personalities.

A civilization should face survival/progress challenges. Muslim civilization confronted/managed manifold challenges, each inner in addition to exterior, throughout her lifetime. Islamic World endured laborious occasions and loved superb intervals. A recurrent rise and fall phenomena remained with Muslims, nonetheless, a everlasting decline or fall or disintegration of Muslims is not possible because of Qaranic verdict about sustainability of Islam and Muslims. As well as, Muslims are stability issue for mankind as a result of they’re custodian & follower of final message/messenger of Allah. They’ve religion on Unity of God and unity of mankind. A latest decline or fall phenomenon occurred with Islamic world at first half of twentieth century. The Ottoman Empire collapsed in Twenties because of our collective blunders and conspiracies of imperial forces. The entire Muslim world was dealing with merciless and inhuman management of Western Powers. Peril of socialism had additionally come into being and devouring the Muslim world. There have been solely few waves of awakening amongst Muslims however it was not potential for any Muslim area/nation to dwell or survive with out the shelter of capitalism or socialism. After the so-called World Warfare II, the world has been categorically divided into two imperial blocs – Pink (Socialist) & White (Capitalist). At this important second of time, there was no politically robust and economically highly effective voice amongst Muslims towards this imperial setup. Nevertheless, in line with their conventional method, the Muslim saints / students had been doing their work. They had been purifying the people and growing a thought amongst Muslims for interlinked construction of Islamic World based mostly on Quranic maxims of Unity of God, unity of believers, and unity of mankind. The wrestle was regular and gradual, nonetheless, penetrating and secure. It’s noteworthy that Sufi wrestle will not be for hegemony, relatively the wrestle nurtures peace, affection, and ease amongst her followers. There are various non secular teams working for purification of self and society. An efficient group of saints/students that was working (and likewise presently working) for particular person purification and unity of Muslims / mankind was SILSILA QADRIAof Abdul Qadir Gillani(Allah bless his soul).

Probably the most profitable and highly effective amongst Qadri group of saints had been Al-Gillani Al-Azizi household of Iraq. They’re custodians of sanctuary of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul). One of many saints of Gillani household was Abdur Rahman Al-Qadri. He was chosen in 1920 to go the Iraqi Council of Ministers following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.Sir Percy Cox states in web page 128 of the HAND BOOK OF MESOPOTAMIA that he was essentially the most influential “Sunni” and official head of the Arab Group. After the loss of life of Abdur Rahman Qadri his noble son, Mahmood Hisamudin Qadri succeeded him. He had six sons. The youngest one was Al-Syed Tahir Alaudin Al-Qadri. He was born on 18th Rabi Awal 1352 A.H. / 1932 A.D. in Baghdad, capital of Iraq. He’s the seventeenth descendant of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul) and twenty eighth descendant of The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).


ALLAH has created mankind for His worship. It’s our obligation to comply with His decrees referring to all features of life however we frequently ignore His orders, fruitful for us, and chase solely materialistic nicely being neglecting the non secular urges. The materialistic/egocentric perspective in the direction of life creates unrest in our particular person persona and produces turmoil in our social community, exploitation in our financial construction, chaos in our political discipline, and degeneration in our cultural outlook. The last word end result of materialistic/egocentric method is steady and gradual decline of society / civilization. To harness the aforesaid end result / course of, Allah despatched His prophets and constantly sending His saints for the steering of His lovely creation – man & lady – really materialist however probably non secular. The saints, mainly, comply with the life sample of prophets. They relentlessly pursue the prophetic mission with the assistance of Muslims / mankind. Quran categorically states the existence and effectiveness of saints:

And of these whom we created there’s a nation (or teams) who information with the reality and set up justice therewith

(Al-Quran VII – 181)

In response to Quran, it’s needed on Muslims/mankind to comply with the life sample of divinely rewarded teams, i.e., Prophets, saints, martyrs, and righteous. They’re rightly guided and bestowed personalities of Allah.

O ye consider! Watch out of your obligation to Allah, and be with the truthful

(Al-Quran IX – 119)

As well as, Quran stated to Muslims that there must be a bunch of individuals among the many believers for the steering of Muslims / mankind.

And there might spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin proper conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who’re profitable.

(Al-Quran – II – 104)

The early Muslims strictly adopted the rules offered by Quran in the direction of preaching of Islam, consequently, a spread of noble teams developed to offer steering and to distribute Mercy of Allah. These teams basically comply with the fundamental rules of Islam. There isn’t any distinction amongst saints on fundamental tenets of Islam. The pious effort in the direction of goodness by reverent personalities is everlasting function of Muslims; nonetheless, the trouble was not centrally organized. Firstly of sixth century (Islamic calendar), an incredible Sufi saint arrived in noble progeny of the holy prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him). His title was Abdul Qadir (Allah bless his soul). He selected Baghdad, a centre of Muslim Civilization, for his wrestle. He gave a classy and arranged look to the work of earlier saints and developed an efficient system of steering and purification for Muslims/mankind. The system is constantly working beneath the non secular steering of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul). Al-Syed Tahir Alaudin was thought-about highest in non secular rank by the sheiks of the age.Throughout his lifetime, he was giving proper steering and efficient assist to numerous individuals via his non secular energy.

EDUCATION – Acquisition & Preaching

Al-Syed Tahir Alaudin Al-Qadri obtained his early training from the mosque of Sultan Ali, located at financial institution of river Dajla, Baghdad. Then he moved to the establishment located at sanctuary of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul). His academics had been famend students of the time akin to Mullah Syed Asad Afundi, Mufti Qasim, and Sheikh Khalil. Throughout his keep on this establishment, he additionally acquired information of Quran, prophetic commentary, and jurisprudence from Grand Mufti of Iraq. Nevertheless, he remained keen on scientific and divine information all through his life. He was nicely conscious in regards to the dwelling occasions confronting the Muslims/mankind. He had extraordinarily good information in regards to the geo-strategic, socio-economic, and political situations of all areas / nations. He adopted a number of methods and means to accumulate a bit of details about nations / areas. He visited completely different areas of the world and interacted with individuals having numerous cultural background. He used to accumulate world information and newest occasions via newest media. As well as, he used some distinctive means to accumulate details about areas / nations. For instance, stamp assortment and coin assortment had been his hobbies. These hobbies point out his thrust and love for information and provides a clue to his space of impact. He was very nicely knowledgeable about social, financial, political, and cultural situations of world/nations. His info was updated and genuine. He can communicate on any matter referring to any self-discipline or area or nation.

He used his information for the steering of individuals. His evaluation was based mostly on his information, instinct, and perception. We describe a couple of examples to introduce the reader about his information and knowledge. As soon as Hakim Saeed (A world famend educationist and authority on japanese medication) visited him, he mentioned on japanese medication with Hakim Sahib and Hakim Sahib was amazed on his information, info and reminiscence about japanese medication. As soon as Nasim Shah, a financial institution officer, visited him and requested a couple of questions on astrology/numerology, he gave very complete and eye-opening feedback on its historical past and background. An officer of Pakistan Printing Press mentioned on printing course of and the officer was impressed by his info on printing and distribution means of notes and stamps. As soon as an proprietor of a shoe manufacturing facility visited him, he mentioned with him on manufacturing course of and forms of sneakers, the customer was very impressed by his information of shoe manufacturing. A military officer mentioned on ammunition and the officer was astonished on his details about ammunition. A pupil visited him and mentioned his psychological / philosophical confusion, he proposed a quite simple however complete resolution; the coed commented {that a} very skilled psychologist maybe can perceive/clear up the confusion in such a brief time frame. The aforesaid examples point out that he was absolutely privy to temporal disciplines and their implications. His method was motivational in the direction of knowledge-lovers/knowledge-seekers.

SPIRITUAL TRAINING – Acquisition & Transference

He obtained non secular coaching from his father who was additionally his Sheikh – non secular instructor. He was very keen on worship from his youth. On his early childhood, he used to mediate at sanctuary of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul) throughout complete evening, though he was absolutely occupied, throughout day time, in numerous actions of the sanctuary. It’s noteworthy that his father was the chief patron and custodian of the sanctuary of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul). He additionally remained administrator of the sanctuary from 1948 to 1953. As a consequence of psychological inclinations, non secular potential, and bodily try, he lined his non secular journey in a short time and obtained “Kharqa” (a proper costume indicating non secular place) from his father in his early youth. After this, he got here into sensible life and devoted himself for the preaching of Islam and progress of Islamic Spiritualism.

He was true instance of the life sample of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) in our time. He by no means compromised on Islamic values and labored just for the sake of Allah. He disliked fame and worldly recognition. He was far-off from lust for wealth / energy and really near Allah. As soon as, Mr. Ayub Khan (president of Pakistan in Sixties) supplied him land and cash for his private use, he replied that he can take solely when the treasures of Allah can be exhausted, i.e., it isn’t potential. He was very humble and well mannered at any time when an individual enters/leaves his assembly he welcome/see-off him by standing. Nevertheless, it was not potential to have eye contact with him because of his psycho-spiritual dignity; furthermore, mind-wandering or satanic affect on coronary heart was not possible in his presence because of his non secular affect and psychological energy. A state of contentment is felt on his presence.

He was very affectionate and sober throughout interplay. His doorways had been open for the entire group and for each sort of particular person. There was no distinction between wealthy and poor. Friday was fastened for common conferences / steering. Each one can entry him on every Friday for non secular steering and pray. For particular steering or assembly, he was obtainable after appointment. His followers belong to each group of life.

TRAVELING & MIGRATION- Rationale & Scope

Touring, migration and settlement of prophets and saints at completely different locations of the world is a part of divine scheme of creation/evolution, when He desires to reward a area He sends His prophets and saints for steering. Reverse to this, prophets and saints of 1 area are migrated and settled to another space earlier than the wrath / justice of Allah descends on a specific area or nation. It was good tiding for the individuals of Pakistan that Allah despatched the noblest particular person of the time and a pious son of Abdul Qadir (Allah bless his soul) in Pakistan. His very first go to to Pakistan was in 1956, later he determined to settle in Quetta, Pakistan.

It is a vital educating of Islam for Muslims to journey on earth for acquisition/distribution of information. He adopted the Quranic injunction on travelling with letter and spirit. Though, he had settled in Pakistan, he remained lively and transferring preacher all through his life. He visited completely different areas of the world for the preaching of Islam and progress of Islamic Spiritualism.


Trial & Testing is important side of Divine Scheme of Creation. Allah checks His servants with a number of afflictions. Lastly, Allah showers manifold blessing on affected person and steadfast. He confronted a number of trials, each bodily in addition to psychological, throughout his lifetime. Nevertheless, he remained contented and grateful throughout hardships. At bodily stage, he was struggling with kidney hassle from a few years. Medical doctors had been suggesting transplantation and many individuals had been able to donate it however he was not ready. He stated that life and loss of life is accountable for Allah why I create hassle for somebody by placing one’s life at risk. Furthermore, he most well-liked native remedy as in comparison with overseas remedy. Nevertheless, there have been stress of medical doctors and different involved individuals for overseas remedy. Finally, he determined to maneuver overseas, Germany, for medical remedy; he moved to Germany on eleventh might, 1991 A.D., nonetheless, he didn’t change his thoughts about transplantation. The issue was turning into increasingly extreme. Individuals round him had been feeling that his REAL FRIEND, ALLAH, is asking him. Like different saints, he was keen on this assembly. He recited the Kalama in the meanwhile of loss of life. On Friday, twenty third Zequa’d 1411 A.H. / seventh June 1991 A.D., he moved from this world to everlasting world. It was determined by his household that he could be buried in Township, Lahore. Pir Karam Shah supplied his last prayer. A fantastic sanctuary of sheikh and spacious boarding facility for non secular vacationers is beneath development. The sanctuary of sheikh has design much like the design of sanctuary of Abdul Qadir Gillani (Allah bless his soul).


· Divine cognizance is acquired solely via following the trail of the holy prophet;

· Observance of the lifetime of Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) is a approach to obtain Love of Allah;

· An individual who does not provide pray is like useless;

· If uniformity and unity via Islam is developed in our interior and outer life then it could lead us in the direction of singularity and unity of Muslim World;

· The message of saints is uncontaminated with hatred, friction, prejudice, and strife, quite the opposite, their message is completely based mostly on love and kindness, that’s the reason, their efforts can create unity in Muslim World in the event that they fulfill their proper position and so they can present a revolutionary service to Islam and the Muslim World as much as the extent that can not be achieved by some other group;

· If coronary heart is crammed with duplicity, jealousy, hatred, hypocrisy one can’t get reward of his good deeds;

· Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism are three completely different colours and three completely different features of Satanism;

· Communists usually are not solely enemy of faith but additionally enemy of humanity;

· Islamic financial and political system is a whole and complete system.

· A hungry man considers each one hungry and a non-respected particular person considers each one non-respected;

· Via dishonest, stealing, and mendacity, one might get required outcomes however lastly one turns into disrespectful and destroys himself.

Supply by Muhammad Ilyas

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