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Get the best expert tips and tricks to style sofa throws! This is such a pretty, fresh way to add cozy color and style to a neutral sofa.

Much like my favorite pillow cover combinations, adding a sofa throw to your living room can instantly (and affordably) update the space. Change the look of the room for the season, or simply add a layer of texture and color to upgrade your sofa.

A white sofa with a floral pillow and blue throw blanket next to a round side table holding a white lamp and books.

I adore my new Serena and Lily sofa in our cozy living room! But what I love even more is layering it with pretty pillows and sofa throws to switch things up.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though! I don’t want it to look messy, but I also don’t want it to look like I tried too hard. What a funny problem to have, right?

Today, we’re sharing all the cutest ways to style sofa throws over your couch and arm chairs, too.

A cozy living room featuring a grey armchair with a blue throw draped over it, a brick fireplace, white bookshelves, and a light pink and blue framed artwork above the mantle.


  • Color Coordination – Choose a throw that complements or contrasts nicely with your sofa and other decor.
  • Texture – Add texture for visual interest! Try pairing a chunky knit throw against a smooth leather or linen sofa.
  • Seasonal – I like to switch my throw seasonally to showcase changes in weather and decor.
  • Practicality – I consider how often I will use the throw I’m styling. If it’s used frequently, a more casual drape is practical. For decorative purposes, a neatly folded style might be more impactful.
A light blue armchair with a floral print pillow and a checkered throw blanket draped over the arm, next to a small white side table.

1. Classic Drape

  • Steps: Simply drape the throw over the back of a chair or sofa, letting it hang down over the seat, effortlessly.
  • Look: This creates a casual look and is perfect for a lived-in, comfortable look.
A bright living room with a white sofa, light blue pillow, and sofa throw. A white lamp on a side table and a white coffee table with a light blue dish and vase of white flowers are also seen.

2. Casual Toss

  • Steps: Toss the throw casually over the arm or back of the sofa. Allow some sections to fold over naturally. To achieve this look, pinch the center of your throw and let it fall naturally to showcase a pretty design or tasseled edges. (Similar to how you’d add tissue to a gift bag!)
  • Look: This gives a lived-in, casual appearance and works well with cottage, farmhouse or modern coastal home decor. It’s beautiful over a connected chaise, too.
Side table with a white lamp sits next to a white sofa. Sofa has a light blue throw and floral pillow. Table holds books and is placed on a beige textured rug. Light streams in through diamond-paned windows.

3. Fold Over the Arm

  • Steps: Fold the throw neatly into thirds or quarters and drape it over one arm of a chair or sofa.
  • Look: This creates a tidy, sophisticated look and is great for more formal or minimalist interiors. I tend to tuck the interior side of the throw down under the cushion for this look!
A white couch with a light blue blanket draped over the armrest and a white pillow decorated with a blue floral pattern placed on the seat.

4. Symmetrical Fold

  • Steps: Fold the throw lengthwise into thirds and then drape it over the back of the sofa or chair, centering it so that it hangs evenly over the back.
  • Look: This style is perfect for a balanced, symmetrical look in a space that is open to another room. The back of my chairs are seen from our foyer, so I like to add a little interest!
A living room with a brick fireplace, white shelves, cozy armchairs with a blanket draped over one, and a table with a vase of white flowers.

5. Layered with Pillows

  • Steps: Drape the throw over one corner of the sofa and then layer a few decorative pillows on top.
  • Look: This adds depth and texture to your sofa setup, making it look intentionally styled, but still casual.
A white sofa with two decorative pillows and a blue and white fringed blanket draped over the armrest.

6. Diagonal Drape

  • Steps: Drape the throw diagonally across the sofa, starting from one corner of a cushion to the opposite corner.
  • Look: This creates a dynamic and eye-catching style, perfect for showcasing the throw’s pattern.
A white sofa with a floral cushion and a light blue throw blanket is positioned near a window with geometric patterns. Bright natural light fills the room.

7. Hang from the Seat

  • Steps: Fold the throw lengthwise and drape it over the back (or seat) of the sofa so that it hangs down to the seat towards onto the floor.
  • Look: This adds a sense of luxury and comfort, making the sofa look inviting and cozy.
A white sofa with white and floral cushions is placed next to a small, round side table with a white lamp in a bright living room. A light blue throw blanket is draped over the sofa.

8. Over the Middle

  • Steps: Fold the throw and drape it over the middle of the sofa, running from the back to the seat over or behind the cushion backs).
  • Look: This is great for breaking up a large expanse of fabric (it works especially well with modular sofas and sectionals, to cover the seams).

9. In a Basket (or Hanging on a Ladder)

  • Steps: Place a stylish basket on the floor next to the sofa and drape the throw casually over the side of the basket. Or, use a pretty blanket ladder to turn your sofa throws into instant art!
  • Look: This adds a rustic or farmhouse charm and keeps the throw accessible.
Linen sofa throw via Serena and Lily

10. On a Coffee Table or Bench

  • Steps: Fold the throw into a square or rectangle and place it on a coffee table, ottoman or bench, just like coffee table books. Or, drape more casually across a corner of an ottoman!
  • Look: This is ideal for smaller or more compact sofas to avoid clutter. It also works best with thin, delicate or detailed sofa throws.
Top-down view of a light blue and white checkered throw blanket with fringes, a white and blue decorative plate, and a bouquet of white hydrangeas on a white surface.


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