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100+ Summer Nail Designs – A Beautiful Mess

Summer is here and it’s time to switch up your nail design to reflect the seasonal fun! Whether you like a simple look or want to keep up with the current nail trends (like jelly, chrome, aura nails, or velvet cat eye designs), we’ve got lots of summer nail design inspo to keep your eye-catching manicure looking fresh from the pool to the beach.

Whether you prefer long nails or short nails, there are so many ways to add some spring inspiration to your nail game—from dainty looks perfect for summer weddings, bright neon colors, twists on a classic French tip, tie-dye, or summertime beach-inspired designs, you can request your favorite idea to do in gel polish at your local salon or find the perfect press-on nail to DIY your mani at home.

At home summer nails vs. salon nails:

While you can do so many manicure looks at home now with gel manicure kits, it can be a little intimidating to some who are not as steady with their hands or just generally prefer the pampered experience at their local nail salon.

While gel polish manicures will generally last longer than traditional polish (usually 2-3 weeks for a gel manicure), there are traditional polish brands that boast several weeks of wear from their products and you don’t have the longer gel removal process at home if you choose to take off your own polish.

Some of the trickier techniques like chrome or magnetic polish also might be a little easier in the hands of a professional, but if you have a gel nail kit at home, they are looks that are fun to try and master.

Of course, doing a press-on nail is the easiest way to get your perfect summer style at home by yourself, so there’s no shame in finding your favorite look and grabbing your nail glue.

pool summer blue nails

Pool Blue

These pool nails look refreshing enough to jump into on a hot summer day. Just add a translucent white over a blue shade and dot some clear topcoat dots overtop with a dotting tool to create this look.

pink tie dye nails

Tie-Dye Swirl

What’s more summer than a bright orange and pink tie-dye look?

chrome wave nails

Chrome Waves

Make your summer mani look like the ocean with this aqua chrome 3D design.

cherry nails for summer

Cherry Pie

What’s cuter than summer cherry nails with French tip accents?

summer mermaid nails
aura nails pink

Pink Aura

The trendy aura nails are ready for summer with this pink and orange color combo.

blue summer happy face nails
summer butterfly nails

Butterfly Fields

These pink and purple butterfly nails look so pretty with the waves and French tip accents.

summer rainbow tie dye nails

Rainbow Tie-Dye

Make your nails feel like summer camp with this rainbow tie-dye set.

blue ombre cat eye nails

Ocean Cat Eye

This ombre blue cat eye matches the shimmering turquoise waters of your vacation.

glass cat eye pink nails

Stay Glassy

These glass cat eye nails in a pretty pink are the manicure that will make all your gal pals jealous.

rainbow heart chrome nails

Rainbow Love

Chrome rainbow hearts and French tips are a match made in heaven with this colorful look.

summer starfish nails

Beach Babe

Add some starfish accent nails with a French manicure and you have the perfect beach look.

purple checkerboard checkered nails

Lavender Check

Accent your nails with lavender and white checkered designs for a look that will stand out all season.

lemon summer nails

Lemonade Stand

Bring the tart-yet-sweet look of lemon to your manicure with this sweet accent design.

pink gold chrome star

Gold Star Summer

Add some chrome to your summer nail art with these chrome gold stars for starry summer nights.

summer rose nails

Rose Garden

These nails have a raised rose design to add texture to the flowery look.

butterfly purple nails

Butterfly Halves

Add a glittery butterfly to two of your nails to make this fun look for the next music festival.

snakeskin pink and orange nails

Snakeskin Summer

This texture and bright colors remind you of snakeskin without the creepy crawly feeling.

butterfly yellow summer nails

Halftone Butterflies

These pretty rainbow butterflies look so cute perched upon a half white half yellow nail.

pink daisy nails

Sweet and Simple

Daisy accents on a pink mani are pretty and subtle all summer long.

pink barbie nails

Color Block Barbie

This two-tone abstract design with a dash of glitter will brighten up any summer activity.

pink mermaid nails

Tip the Scales

Bring the mermaid vibes to your mani with this colorful foil pattern on your accent nails.

rainbow pearlized nails

Galaxy Pearl

These pearlized nails create a galaxy feeling and really shimmer in the summer sun.

orange and pink marbled nails

Marbled Tips

Pink and orange make a pretty summer combo with these marbled French tips.

pink sparkle nails

Shimmer Station

This magnetized polish looks stunning as the light hits your nails poolside.

summer mermaid pool nails

Mermaid Tails

Add some fins to your fin-gers with this purple mermaid tail theme.

pink and blue iridescent  nails

Iridescent Iris

This purple and blue combo are the perfect level of chrome iridescent shine.

butter yellow nails

What’s Butter Than Summer?

These butter nails are a trendy shade for summer and can go from beach to poolside easily.

summer mermaid nails

Shell Shocked

Find some nail inspiration from the sea with these mermaid shells on top of a light pink cat eye—pretty for all summer occasions.

pink and green checkered heart nails

Preppy Pink

Get on the pink and green train with accent nails of checkered, French tip, and heart and flower designs.

sprinkle ice cream nails

Strawberry Sundae

Add some ice cream drips with sprinkles to your mani to keep you cool during hot summer days.

rainbow french tip nails

Warm Tips

These gradient French tips are a colorful twist on a classic French tip look perfect for summer into fall.

summer blue accent nails checkered
pink chrome nails for easter and spring
neon yellow spring nails french tip
watermelon summer nails

Watermelon Sugar

Show off these fruity tips at your next summer picnic or BBQ.

Summer Smiles

These checkered and smiley face nails are a fun maximalist look for spring and summer.

Starry Night

These star nails are perfect for the 4th of July or any summer starry night and are cute in long or short versions (you could also just do the stars on top of natural nails).

summer hot pink tie dye snakeskin nails

Hot Pink Crackle

These hot pink nails have a crackle look that’s part snakeskin and part tie-dye—perfect for spring and summer.

Green Gal

This green on green look is fun with the floral pattern and accent nails.

easter spring mint green wave nails

Minty Waves

These mint colored waves will look amazing by the ocean this summer.

Daisy Dukes

These 3D flowers added to a pink ombre base will bloom all summer long (and would be so pretty at a summer wedding!).

pink velvet magnetic barbie nails

Bubblegum Velvet

These cat eye velvet nails are a favorite way to wear a trendy pink mani and are perfect for any time of year.

Sunny Side

Add some sun to your summer vibes with this cheerful yellow design.

Checkered Craze

Bring on the checkered pattern with these red and pink nails.

pink chome french barbie nails for spring

French Barbie

Go for the Barbie trend with a chrome pink French tip look.

blue daisy spring easter nails

Sky Blue Daisies

This sky blue mani features friendly daisies and chrome accent nails.

Pretty in Pink

These pink swirl nails will go great with your strawberry ice cream cone.

iridescent purple pink short nail design

Lavender Chrome

This short iridescent chrome look is pretty for any season.

smiley face nails for spring
summer pink and gold nail art
hot pink barbie chrome nails manicure

Iridescent Barbie

These hot pink iridescent nails are a Barbie lovers dream.

blue wavy checkered nails spring

Wavy Checkerboard

Get into the checkered trend with this wavy design.

spring butterfly nails

Spring Barbie

Try the hot trend of a reverse optical illusion French manicure in the perfect pink and purple pastels.

bee flower nails for spring

Bee Yourself

Bee excited for your summer vacay with these pretty pollinators.

Sherbet Tie-Dye

Remind yourself of a summer sunset with this pastel tie-dye color combo.

heart red and pink valentine's day nails

Overlapping Hearts

Whether you want this as a Valentine’s Day look or just feel pretty in pink, these overlapping hearts are just too cute.

strawberry spring nails

Strawberry Patch

Wear these to the strawberry patch and the berries won’t be the only thing looking fresh.

purple easter spring yin yang nails

Pastel Yin Yang

This purple and pink yin yang design is fun poolside or beachside.

Pink Hologram

Take advantage of the summer sunshine and show off your hologram mani in a bright pink shade.

rainbow nail waves spring manicure
pink and orange wave nails

Summer Waves

This pink mani with orange accents are just the right amount of pattern to add a pop to your summer.

blue and green color block nails for spring

Color Blocked Tips

Color block your French tip nails with your favorite mint and green hues for a fresh look.

purple jelly nails spring rhinestone

Grape Gemstones

These pastel purple jelly nails look so cute with a rhinestone accent.

Green Grass Cat Eye

Welcome all the summer grass with this green cat eye effect.

yellow spring easter nails

Sunny Daze

These happy bright yellow-tipped nails will bring in the summer sunshine.

Chrome silver nails

Mirror Ball

These short silver chrome nails are the ultimate in trendy nails.

pink jelly sparkle nails for spring

Pink Jelly Sparkle

These petal pink jelly nails have just the right amount of sparkle to be fun but not too over the top.

Mint and Gold

Try a mint green base with a gold and sage green side accent.

pink and purple half moon spring nails

Purple Half Moons

These contrasting shades of purple make the half moon look like a pastel dream.

glazed donut french spring nails

Glazed French Tips

A twist on a classic, the glazed French tip look is light and fresh all year round.

chrome pastel easter checkered nails

Checkered Pastel Chrome

Get in on the checkered and chrome trend with these pastel checkerboard nails.

purple daisy spring nails
spring manicure nails pink butterfly

Bubblegum Butterfly

This bubblegum hue is just right for summer with some 3D gold butterflies added for a little extra fun.

purple and pink summer spring nails

Lavender Swirl

Add some pastel pink and purple abstract swirls to your mani for summer.

flower spring summer sparkle nails

’70s Floral

Break out some updated Flower Child vibes with a glitter outlined ’70s floral look for spring or summer.

floral pink chrome easter spring nails

Floral Color Block

Add a flower outline to the color blocked look for a summer twist.

golden tips christmas nail design
mint green spring easter nails with daisies
pink pearl easter spring nails

Pink Pearls

This pearl look manicure is a nail trend we love and can be done in your favorite shades (make sure to add some pearl accents!).

french tip lace nails for easter and spring

Lace and Pearls

Add the look of lace and pearls to an all-white summer outfit for a fun yet sophisticated look. Perfect for a bridal look for summer weddings!

pastel rainbow ombre nails for easter and spring
blue easter spring nail ideas
tulip easter spring nails

Field of Tulips

Picnic, anyone? Add a touch of buffalo check to your manicure with this design.

chrome pastel easter spring nails

Pastel Chrome

These pastel chrome nails bring just the right amount of pastel power to your summer manicure.

pink marble nails for easter and spring

Pink Marble

Add some marble details to your mani for a sweet summer look.

Sunshine Bows

Add a little sunshine to your summer day with these yellow glitter tipped nails with tiny bows.

pink and purple easter spring nails

Purple Haze

These purple tipped nails are a cute way to bring some lavender hues to your manicure.

colorblocked french tip nails pink

Pink Color Blocked Tips

Color block your French tip nails with your favorite neon hues for a fresh look.

glitter french tips christmas nail design

Glitter Lined

For a twist on the classic French manicure design, try this doubled lined glitter option to add a little ooh la la.

spring easter nails with pink coral cat eye

Coral Cat Eye

This coral cat eye effect is so pretty with a double French tip.

leopard french tip fall nails

Sweet Swirl

Try a nude translucent shade with a simple abstract line swirl for an understated pattern.

mint green spring nail manicure idea
pink wave nails

Barbie Waves

These neon pink and red gradient waves bring a pop of color to any Valentine’s Day or spring and summer look.

holographic christmas nail design

Icy White

These short hologram nails are the perfect festival nails for summer.

nude magnetic velvet nails

Nude Velvet

The velvet cat eye effect of these nude nails is stunning and matches any outfit all year long.

smiley face spring nails

Happy Nails

These nails have such a happy vibe when you make every nail an accent nail!

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