Stereotypes to Rethink in a Job Search

Whether you have a unique career path or have a common job title, some positions have formed unintentional and spontaneous stereotypes. For example, if you are in Marketing you MUST be tech-savvy and, ultimately, be able to fix any IT problem. (NOT)

Do some of these stereotypes sound familiar?

“HR is too strict and sensitive”

If a company has more than 100 employees, they likely have someone with HR training. Unfortunately, those in HR have the unpopular job of enforcing corporate policy and, as a result, they get the bad rap because of it.  Most of us can relate to the HR rep that is too strict or too lenient.  As their title indicates, Human Resources provide support (resources) to employees (human). Thus, they provide the structure to how an employee should be properly treated in the workplace.  As an HR rep, however, it is to the employee’s benefit that you are there.  An HR Department gives companies an advantage. You ensure each employee has a positive experience – from introduction to the company as a candidate to the onboarding and eventual safe work environment.

“Accounting is Boring / Accountants are Introverts”

And…if the profession is boring then the person is boring. Unfortunately, the accounting profession faces many stereotypes driven by dated misconceptions.  But, not all accountants are introverts locked away in a cubicle doing taxes.  And, believe it or not, all accountants do not love math.  Accountants are actually professionals that make decisions and communicate with the client rather than just crunching numbers.  The increase in technology and software has made the calculation process more streamlined, allowing accountants to use their strong communication skills to work with a team to make informed decisions. See Mia’s article on this in LinkedIn:

“Working in the Trades is Undesirable Work”

Welders, plumbers, electricians, machinists, ag technicians, etc – these careers are in higher demand now as fewer young people are entering the trades.  Many of these tradespeople are approaching retirement. No doubt, the shortages are only going to increase.  Unemployment among college graduates is at an all-time high with the majority of those graduates not working in their field of study.  For some reason, when asked “what do you do for a living?”, there is a belief that saying a trade position is a bad answer/embarrassing. Get hands-on experience coupled with a few weeks of schooling a year.  After the assigned schooling schedule, you will graduate with a career and no student loan.  Annual earnings are often comparable to your white-collar counterparts – earning decent wages and greater benefits. Check out this article debunking some of the stereotypes.

This is a small list – what other ones can you think of?

Explore Your Options

Every profession has a reputation.  There are a certain set of expectations on how they should behave – right or wrong.  Before dismissing a position title, consider exploring the role and the company.  Job stereotypes might just be holding you back from your best career choice ever!

The positions listed above are not usually represented by Grasslands. Check out our job board to see if some of the positions we are posting might fit your experience.

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